dollyoh asked:
how did you get your hair purple? like its the most perfect purple hair i've seen ! i Want that colour too... but my hair is jet black :-/ got any tips ?

So, i started bleaching my hair being a really really ORANGE color. My hair bleach so easily tho! Ive probably bleached it around 3 times over the past 3 months (it takes time!!) Your hairdresser would probably suggest you to start off with highlighting your hair until you get blonde - but this can take years to do so (if you highlight every 2-3 month) Its true that bleaching is pretty harsh on your hair - but if you do it with care its really not that bad. PLUS the actually purple dye I’ve used is a conditioner-dye. Its La Riche Directions in the shade “violet” - i got mine for 3.93$ off eBay. Its so cheap! My hair wasn’t completely white-blonde. It still had some darker shades but since dying it purple its no problem at all. Purple neutralizes brassiness!  

I did mix some of the dye up with a regular cheap conditioner - so my hair would get pastel purple or more of a silver tone and then used the unmixed purple in the ends of my hair! 

I really hope it helped you out! ^_^